3rd December 2017 | Market News

Tenants guide to the checkout process

If this is your first time renting and checking out of a property then don’t worry. We will cover every process, making it clear what you need to do to minimise unwanted costs.

Prior to check out

You will have been given an inventory report on moving in which is a record of the condition and contents in the property on your tenancy start date. This will give you an indication as to how it should be returned at the end of the tenancy.

We always advise on the day of moving in that you run through the report, note any additional comments and return it to us within 7 working days. If you have added notes please return the document to the agent who will take a copy for their file (if you are unable to locate the report then please request a copy from your local agent). Please also refer to your tenancy agreement regarding tenant responsibilities which will provide you with further information as to how you should maintain and return the property.  For example the tenancy agreement will describe the cleaning at the end of the tenancy as to whether you are required to use a professional cleaner or are able to clean it yourself to the ‘same clean state’.

In addition to the above, we have listed below some helpful points that you should consider: –

On check out day

Right it’s now time! You will have been sent a letter providing a designated time for the check out to take place. You will have gone through the inventory and your responsibilities, using a professional cleaner if required and carried out any repair works to ensure the property is being returned in the same state that you received it. Doing all this will make the whole process run smoother and a lot quicker.

Deposit return

The inventory clerk will use the report taken at the beginning of the tenancy and compare this to the condition of the property on your move out. A report will produced within 48 hours advising the landlord/agent of any changes/damage that are above fair wear and tear.

Once we have been provided with this document we will check it against the original inventory and email the landlord with the findings.

You will need to log into the Deposit Protection Scheme website with the username and password provided to you at the beginning of the tenancy and request your deposit money back. The landlord will then be required to reply within 14 working days.

Please see below a video on how to action this login and repayment request.

If you have followed the above and returned the property in a good clean state, using professional cleaners if required, there should be no claims. The deposit will then be returned in full.

If the landlord has been notified of any dilapidations and feel that they wish to make deductions from your deposit  they will advise what they will be claiming for and at what cost. These costs and an explanation will be sent to the deposit protection scheme and we will forward a letter to you with the breakdown. You will then be required to login back in and either agree or dispute the claims. If you agree to these costs they will be deducted from your deposit total and the remainder will be sent to you.

If you dispute them then this will be sent to an arbitrator who will request evidence from both parties and make a final decision on whether the landlord will be awarded the claims or not.

Please note that we are purely working as an intermediary between yourself and the landlord and the final decision as to whether they wish to pursue a claim is solely down to them once they have been given evidence via the check-out report.

Should you require further details on the processes of check-in/out and your deposit then please do not hesitate to call our Hassocks branch on 01273 841482 or Haywards Heath branch on 01444 414931  when we would be more than happy to go through them.