4th March 2016 | Advice for Tenants

Tenants Rights – what you should know


Any person that lives in private rented accommodation has tenants rights and the landlord has his/her own rights and responsibilities. When you choose to rent accommodation, your landlord must provide written terms of the tenancy; in fact failure to provide these is a criminal offence. In return, you’ll be expected to show the landlord that you have the right to live in the UK, for example by showing them your residence permit or passport. This rule also applies to any other adult you’ll be living with in the property.

Once the terms are agreed between you, you have the right to stay in your home for the agreed period as long as you keep to the terms. There are also other legal tenants rights including:

Of course, by Law, your landlord has a number of repairing and ‘keeping in working order’ responsibilities, in response to the first bullet point above:

Be aware though that different tenants rights apply for other types of tenancies;