9th February 2017 | Advice for Landlords,Market News

Landlords…Why Letting Agents Can Save You Money

You could be saving as a landlord nearly £2,000 per annum by letting your property through a professional agent.

This is according to an article on lettingagenttoday.co.uk, who sourced a report published by Insurance Firm, Einsleigh.
The report gathered information from 500 landlords and suggested that there are widespread misconceptions among landlords. Namely, is a letting agent really value for money? The answers were very interesting. In fact the survey proposed a letting agent could save a landlord an estimated £1,910 a year and that having an agent maybe even more advantageous than going it alone.

With this in Mind what did the Survey Highlight to be Beneficial?
• Agents reduced and minimised void periods compared to landlords who marketed their own property
• Agents pro-actively searched for tenants and good tenants
• Agents assisted with legal and financial matters
Interestingly, the survey also concluded that it was not just about financial matters. Landlords found the ongoing relationship with their agent an important factor in the decision making process. A number of landlords placed importance on:
• The local knowledge the agent possessed
• Excellent service
• Providing peace of mind
• Communicating with their letting agent on a weekly basis

Stuart and Partners place importance and value all the above. Therefore if you are still deciding whether going through an agent is the right option for you please read on through our useful pages or call for a chat on 01273 841482 or 01444 414931 or email on info@stuartandpartners.co.uk.


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