25th February 2016 | Advice for Landlords

Property Management Companies in West Sussex – what to expect from your agent

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Sadly we’ve heard many horror stories about property management companies in West Sussex that have let landlords down, where furniture has gone missing, incorrect health and safety advice has been provided and overdue rent has built up.  Hopefully none of these things have ever happened to you if you’re a landlord.  A good property management company should save you both time and hassle.

With Stuart & Partners, you can be sure of a personal, reliable service, formed from over 30 years of experience passed down through our family business.  We have three different levels of property management available to suit varying budgets and knowledge levels, but in general, what should you expect from a property agent?

What to expect from a good property management company

We hope this has been helpful, particularly if you are a new landlord.  Be sure that you know all about your health and safety obligations including conducting gas safety checks, and that you have current appropriate insurance too. If a local authority has any reason to suspect that a property is hazardous, it can assess the accommodation in line with the Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS).

Property Management Companies in West Sussex – What to Expect From Your Agent, is an advisory blog post from Stuart & Partners.