18th March 2016 | Advice for Landlords

Property management – the basics and some tips


If you’re considering getting started in property management there are a bunch of skills that you need to possess or learn, as there are for any business owner. You need some marketing, legal, customer service, administration and finance skills, some maintenance contractor contacts and knowledge of landlord responsibilities.

But there’s also some knowledge and good practice tips that usually only come with “time on the job” so to speak. We thought we’d try and share what we’ve picked up so that you have a guide to the basics plus a few bonus tips:

And here are some property management tips from the experienced landlord and TV personality Phil Spencer when interviewed for The Telegraph:

“Young professionals might not expect the garden. But they will want the basics in terms of furniture, which should be, if not trendy, at least not unfashionable.”

“Losing tenants because you did not look after them can turn a good yearly return to nothing. Tenants like to feel they can pick up the phone and talk to someone who has direct contact with the landlord.”