28th September 2017 | Advice for Landlords,Advice for Tenants

Maintenance Process & Timescales

Maintenance issues should be reported to Stuart and Partners as soon as they occur. Please either email Bryonyl@stuartandpartners.co.uk or telephone 01444 414 931.

If you are able to please send in a photograph of the problem as this can help us assist you faster.
For out of hours emergencies please email stuartandpartnersemergencies@gmail.com.

Stuart and Partners will endeavor to adhere to the following timescales wherever possible, these are to be used as guidelines and not exact timescales.

Emergency repairs within 24 hours.

Gas Leaks.
Dangerous Electrical failure.
Serious water leaks.
Dangerous structures.

Urgent repairs within 5 working days.

Boiler breakdowns.
Shower/bath breakdowns (when there is no secondary washing facilities).
General electrical faults.
Blocked drains.

All other repairs are classed as routine and will be carried out within 21 working days
Leaks – We ask that all leaks are reported to us as soon as they are discovered. Whilst all leaks will cause some degree of damage to a property, we ask that you use your discretion as to the seriousness of a leak. For example a slow dripping pipe can be contained by using buckets and towels until we are able to instruct a contractor to attend and is not classed as urgent.

Extreme emergencies

In the event of a fire or break in we would expect you to take the appropriate action yourself and dial 999 request the relevant emergency service. Please inform us as soon as you can following an extreme emergency.

Please note that Stuart and Partners are not obliged to reimburse you for any call out you might make without informing us prior.