5th November 2021 | Advice for Tenants

Fireworks !

Health & Safety – Consent from neighbours and the landlord is only the first consideration tenants should make before holding a bonfire night party. Top of the priority list should be ensuring the safety of everyone attending the celebration, even if it’s just a handful of people. The cold truth is that there is an average of 552 fireworks-related accidents every November, some of which are devastating and life-changing.

If you can’t put a considerable distance between your guests and the fireworks or bonfire your property isn’t suitable for a fireworks night party. If you can, always ensure there is a designated area assigned for letting off fireworks, away from the house and any fences or trees. 

Can you let off fireworks safely? For example, if you only have a concrete outdoor space, the chances are you won’t be able to securely fix the fitting that holds fireworks when they go off. Should they topple once ignited, they could be sent shooting into your fence, property or worst case, a person.

Fireworks can be dangerous in confined spaces such as a small garden, but not nearly as dangerous as a bonfire. If not appropriately constructed and managed, a bonfire can cause damage to fences, sheds, bushes, and trees, not to mention the people in attendance. Everyone should be kept well back from the fire, and barriers should be used if children will be present.

In our opinion its best if you can attend an organized display, not only will you enjoy a larger firework display but you and your loved ones will also potentially be safer.

We have found a convenient link which displays the most popular local firework events in our area.