Property management advice

For those considering setting up a property management business there are several skills that you need to have, as there are for any business owner. You need some marketing, customer service, administration, legal and finance skills, contacts for maintenance contractors and a good understanding of landlord responsibilities. A strong, successful property management business is developed over time. However, there is basic property management advice and then there are some extra tips that will help you really make your mark.

And here is some property management advice from the experienced landlord and tv personality Phil Spencer when he was interviewed for The Telegraph:

“Losing tenants because you did not look after them can turn a good yearly return to nothing. Tenants like to feel they can pick up the phone and talk to someone who has direct contact with the landlord.”

“Young professionals might not expect the garden. But they will want the basics in terms of furniture, which should be, if not trendy, at least not unfashionable.”